Based in Poland, European Union, our company provides Verilog and VHDL

high quality synthesizable IP Cores of processors and microcontrollers, bus interfaces, arithmetic coprocessors and components. What distinguishes us from other IP Core providers? We believe, that the Power of Intellectual Property goes together with the Power of Innovation. That’s why, the key to our unique solutions is a combination of customers’ application know-how with almost two decades of our own design methodology reinforced with IP Cores and System-on-Chip knowledge.

Thanks to product oriented design approach,

which enables unique embedded system solutions, Digital Core Design reduces time-to-market for companies engaged in three main areas:

Development of leading-edge SoC designs and using IP Cores for <b>nonproprietary parts of the products.</b></p>

Development of leading-edge SoC designs and using IP Cores for nonproprietary parts of the products.

Extension of existing products lifetime, through replacement of obsolete parts</p>

Extension of existing products lifetime, through replacement of obsolete parts

Enhancement of existing Printed Circuit Boards and their consolidation to chips</p>

Enhancement of existing Printed Circuit Boards and their consolidation to chips

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Unique features

To meet SoC requirements, our products have been designed from the scratch:

<p>An industry-leading combination of <strong>high performance, low </strong>power<strong> and small die size.</strong></p>

An industry-leading combination of high performance, low power and small die size.

<p><strong>Easy system integration</strong> – to peripherals, coprocessors and memories.</p>

Easy system integration – to peripherals, coprocessors and memories.

<p><strong>Easy customization</strong> for adaptability to a <strong>wide range of applications.</strong></p>

Easy customization for adaptability to a wide range of applications.

<p>A choice of robust third party<strong> development and software tools.</strong></p>

A choice of robust third party development and software tools.

<p>An ASIC-style implementation methodology that <strong>leverages commercially available design tools.</strong></p>

An ASIC-style implementation methodology that leverages commercially available design tools.

<p><strong>Revolutionary hardware</strong> degugging technology DoCD.</p>

Revolutionary hardware degugging technology DoCD.

Benefits and features

Specializing in modifications of existing popular microcontrollers and microprocessors

Digital Core Design offers new improved microcontroller architectures, which are always 100% software compatible with their predecessors. The processors can be integrated with a wide range of available peripherals including: USB, Ethernet, RTC, UARTS, I2C interface, SPI interface, Timers, PWM, Compare/Capture, Watchdog Timer, fixed point coprocessors, floating point single/double coprocessors and other specialized modules.

The functionality of IP solutions offered by Digital Core Design has been appreciated by over 1000 licenses sold to more than 500 customers worldwide.

Our IP Cores were successfully implemented in a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from medical care applications, by industrial control to military systems.

As our client, you will get a lot of benefits, like:

  • Getting a silicon proven and complete IP solution (core and debug system) from only one designer and vendor
  • Full customization
  • Design risks elimination
  • Productivity increase
  • Global sales network
  • The best performance, the lowest power consumption and the smallest die size in the IP market
  • Rapid prototyping and time-to-market reduction
  • Development costs reduction
  • Technological independence (VHDL/Verilog)
  • Professional service and technical support of experienced engineers

Revolutionary solutions

We believe that impossible is nothing, that’s why Digital Core Design develops also unique Fixed and Floating-Point arithmetic coprocessors and IEEE 754 compliant pipelined floating-point units, which allow an extremely fast floating-point computation.

Our focused approach have fructified by the development of revolutionary DoCD™ Debug System supporting DCD IP Cores. This unique solution consists of: Debug IP Core, Hardware Assisted Debugger and Debug Software.

Discover Digital World with Digital Core Design

Nowadays almost every single device is equipped with electronics or use electronics in manufacturing. Digital Core Design has been devoted to innovative IP Cores for more than two decades. Our solutions power electronic hearts of the devices used by us every day.

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