CryptOne IP Core involves the use of RSA asymmetric encryption scheme to realize a cryptosystem with a one-time pad (OTP). DCD’s solution is a broadly defined crypto system solution based on an asymmetric RSA with a hidden value of a component of a public key susceptible to crypto analysis and implementing the OTP rules.

Nowadays security is the key. That’s why CryptOne OTP offers the advantages of symmetric crypto systems with one-time pad while retaining the advantages of asymmetric systems. Our crypto system will enable the realization of unconditional security while eliminating OTP distribution problems and providing an unambiguous identification of users. – It should be emphasized that the current requirements for cohesive solutions for the European Union and e-services-like systems, as well as for sensitive data industry such as e-health and e-banking, necessitate the use of unambiguous and unique to each user identifiers that correspond to OTP – says Jacek Hanke, DCD’s CEO.

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