More than 500 000 000 electronic devices around the globe have been based on DCD’s IP Cores. Among them one can easily find YOUR solution. Taking the chance we’d like to thank you for our hitherto cooperation, cause this 20th anniversary for DCD wouldn’t be possible without you.

Taking the chance to thank you, we’ve prepared some gifts for you. First one is our summer promo – 20% off from the IP Core price for 20th anniversary. Sarting from June till September you can easily license any of our IP Core with great discount. No matter if it’s 32-bit royalty-free CPU, I3C or World’s Fastest 8051 IP Core – they’re all here, waiting for you and your project. Just drop us an e-mail and let us know what you need.

The second one is our… knowledge. That’s why, taking the chance, we’ll be publishing some of our best case studies from last 20 years. First one is here:

And last but not least – please remember, we’re here for you! Let us know by e-mail, social media, phone what can we do for you.