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80251 Development Tools

The DQ80251 has a universal Keil 251 C/ASM compiler, integrated into uVision IDE. The Keil C51 C/ASM compiler is also suitable, since DQ80251 is fully compatible to 8051 instructions set, thus code compiled to 8051 architecture will also run correctly. We highly recommend using our fully optimized development tool for 80251 IP Cores, called DoCD™ Debug System.

DoCD™ Debug System

DoCD™ is a Digital Core Design's own on chip debugging technology.
The DoCD™ System provides real-time and non-intrusive debug capability. It allows a pre-silicon validation and post-silicon, on-chip software debugging - hardware breakpoints, trace, variables watch and multi C sources debugging. The DoCD™ Debug System can work as a hardware debugger, as well as a software simulator - some tasks can be validated at software simulation level and after this step, user can continue real-time debugging, by uploading code into silicon.

Keil C251 for the 80251

An 80251 C/ASM compiler/debugger, for Digital Core Design DQ80251 Microcontroller IP Cores.
Keil Software development tools for the 80251 support users at all levels - from the professional application engineer, to a student just learning about embedded software development.The industry-standard Keil C Compilers, Macro Assemblers, Debuggers, Real-time Kernels, and Single-board Computers, support ALL DCD 80251 Microcontroller IP Cores and help you to get your projects completed on schedule.