Digital Core Design, IP Core provider and System-on-Chip design house from Poland, has been awarded as a Microentrepreneur of the Year 2013 in the audit organized by the Kronenberg Foundation and Citi Bank. The jury, which includes businessmen, entrepreneurs and politicians, has chosen DCD’s application among more than 255 other runners-up.  The award is a recognition for the most innovative companies, which include in their business strategy social responsibility and quality of products.

The ceremony, which has been held in New Connect hall of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on June the 20th, was a summary of audit, ran among distinguished Polish companies. After a strict audit made in the nominated companies, the jury gave the highest appreciation to the Digital Core Design nomination. – This award means a lot for our company – said Jacek Hanke, DCD’s CEO – firstly, because our company has been audited by independent specialists from Citi Bank and Kronenberg Foundation, secondly – because we had tough competition, like Airoptic or Robotics Inventions.
This year’s event has been the 9th edition of the Microentrepreneur of the Year award. The Kronenberg Foundation and Citi Bank informed that in 2013 there’s been the biggest number of applications – 256. – We’ve awarded the most innovative companies – said Grzegorz Wach from Kronenberg Foundation – but it was important for us to award their quality and social responsibility.

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