Digital Core Design

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Simplicity, high efficiency and great performance - these three features make the 8051 microcontrollers still very popular. Using everywhere 32-bit, heavy RISC processor is pointless, when an 8-bit CPU can do the tasks more economically and eco-friendly, due to much lower power and ASIC area consumption.

Digital Core Design portfolio includes the most powerful DQ80251 architecture, which is more than 75 times faster than the 80C51 and has 50% more efficient code space utilization, comparing to the classic 8051.

Digital Core Design has a complete portfolio of 8051 processors, consisting of: 

which avails faster architecture and smaller ASIC area, than any other competitors’ 8051 solution. Each family is embedded with the DoCD JTAG/TTAG real-time, non-intrusive debugging system.


IP Cores

Core Size
CPU architecture improvement over traditional 8051 at the same frequency DMIPS Code space Instructions compatibility
80C51 - 1 0,0094 64kB 8051
DQ80251 Ultra High performance 80251 Microcontroller Core 13500 75,08 0,70579 8MB 8051, 80251
DQ8051 Ultra High performance 8051 Microcontroller Core. If you need high performance MCU, this IP is for you. With the architecture speed improvement of 29, this IP is about two times faster and more powerful than anything you have ever seen before (including DP8051) 9900 29,01 0,27297 64kB 8051