Digital Core Design

The Power of Intellectual Property


Dare to say more... The DXPIXXX is a family of high performance, 8-bit RISC soft Microcontroller Cores. Of course the software is compatible with PIC16XXX MCU's.

We developed two unique two architectures of the DXPIC16XXX microcontrollers: DFPIC16XXX and DRPIC16XXX - both of these assure significant speed improvement over original PIC MCU's.

As DCD believes in Power of Innovation, the performance of x2 DFPIC16XXX and x4 DRPIC16XXX has improved by respectively 2 and 4 times, compared to the original PIC MCU (running the same code, at the same clock frequency). Such speed improvement allows to increase system performance, as well as reduce the power consumption.

Our revolutionary DXPIC16XXX Cores implement RISC architecture with separated program and data memories. They support configurable hardware stack and naturally - storing return addresses, during subroutines execution.
The DXPICXXX Microcontroller Cores, with their fast and efficient CPU, cost-effective, small sizes and flexible peripheral set, make them perfect for motor control, automotive industry solutions and battery-operated applications.
Improved architecture of all the DXPIC16XXX Microcontroller Cores with the average instruction execution times equal to 1 or 2 CLK periods, enabled fast and efficient I/O operations.  

Power of Innovation goes together with convenience, that's why we equipped the DXPIC16XXX Microcontroller Cores with DoCDTM (on chip debugger hardware). This excellent tool provides real-time and non-intrusive debug capability, allowing a pre-silicon validation and post-silicon, on-chip software debugging.

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