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If you know Motorola's HC11 MCU you must know two of our proprietary solutions.  They are fully software-compatible and at the same time even 4 times more efficient. The D68HC11 and DF6811 are synchronous Microcontroller Cores, which differ in time needed to execute particular instruction.

To give you the best service, you can select the D68HC11 or DF6811 with preconfigured MCU (configuration identical to original HC11) or revolutionary, individual configuration, with extra peripherals and additional custom blocks, required by the application.

All the D68HC11 and DF6811 Microcontroller Cores are supported by DCD's Hardware on Chip Debugger system – DoCDTM. This easy tool provides an excellent support in code development and debugging.

Discover our Digital World of IP Core solutions tailored to your HC11 needs.

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