100% secure cryptographic system based on the computing power of Digital Core Design proprietary processors and patented cryptographic solutions of Polish scientists.

Both the European Commission and the US National Security Agency emphasize the need to create a new security system that will resist threats that are becoming more frequent.

The development of quantum computers means the end of classic cryptography.

That is why DCD engineers in cooperation with outstanding Polish cryptographers have developed a proprietary cryptographic system that fully complies with the guidelines set by the EC (PSD2) and NSA.

everywhere where the electronics is used


Modern IT systems are exposed to hundreds of more or less sophisticated attacks every day. The implementation of Crypt-One allows the use of elliptic curves with unambiguous identification using disposable keys, thanks to which the protected system has the highest level of security.


The dynamic development of financial systems using the latest electronics solutions results in increased convenience of use and … increased network security threats. Thanks to the use of proprietary solutions by Polish cryptologists, Crypt-One offers unique and innovative solutions that already fully conform to, among others, the postulated PSD2.


E-IDs, ePassports, or e-prescriptions increase the convenience of use and significantly shorten the distance between the citizen and the office. However, to ensure the highest level of security in this relationship, Crypt-One is based on DCD’s proprietary processor, whose architecture is known only to two engineers inside the company.


Crypt-One allows securing any product using secure authentication methods. In addition, it is fully resistant to timing attacks and used security measures to counteract Side Channel Attacks.



In both classic dimensions and one related to cyber security – the military plays a key role in ensuring security. The use of tested, and at the same time, fully proprietary and unique solutions designed in Poland, significantly increases the level of security of use as well as designed solutions.



The modern automotive industry uses advanced electronic systems. On the one hand, those systems provide the driver and passengers with the highest level of comfort and safety. Each chip, however, is a potential picklock for a thief. Therefore, DCD can integrate its own CAN and LIN interfaces layers with the unique Crypt-One cryptographic layer.

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