The D32PRO is a royalty-free, silicon proven, high performance soft core of a single-chip 32-bit embedded controller, with Floating Point Coprocessor.


Thanks to its increased code density, the D32PRO meets the power and size requirements of new connected devices. That’s why both the power and performance of this IP Core predestine it as a real alternative for ARM Cortex M0/M0+/M1/M3 in the deeply embedded market and especially for the emerging market of connected devices (IoT). Responding to continuing demands for less power drain in system-on-chip (SoC) designs, DCD has developed the instruction set aimed at reducing the size of the system’s instruction memory. The D32PRO is aimed at low-power always on/always listening systems and those with less demanding clock frequencies such as Bluetooth Low Energy. Nevertheless, the core is perfect for embedded systems that require greater computational performance and system complexity by supporting dual- and multi-core systems as well as improved code density. DCD’s IP Core is fully customizable – it is delivered in an exact configuration to meet your requirements. The D32PRO comes with a wide variety of peripherals, like USB, SPI, LCD, HDLC, UART, Ethernet MAC, CAN, LIN, RTC, and many more – ready to be implemented with the CPU. The D32PRO is delivered with a fully automated test bench and a complete set of tests, allowing easy package validation at each stage of SoC design.


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Key features

  • Configurable 32-bit Harvard architecture
  • Performance up to 1.52 / 2.67 DMIPS/MHz and 2.59 CoreMarks/MHz
  • Small footprint starting at 10.6k/6.8k ASIC gates
  • Very high clock frequency up to 1 GHz in modern ASIC technologies
  • Fifteen 32-bit general Purpose registers
  • ASIC Silicon proven architecture
  • Up to 256 MB of Code Space with encrypted bootloader
  • Up to 256 MB of Data Space
  • Built-in configurable Floating Point co-processor using dedicated instructions
  • Configurable 32-bit hardware multiplier
  • Configurable 32-bit hardware divider
  • Configurable 32-bit hardware shifter
  • Low power consumption by Advanced Power Management Unit
    • Advanced Power management mode
    • Switchback feature
    • Stop mode
  • Configurable Interrupt Controller
    • Non Maskable Interrupt
    • Up to 16 priority levels
    • Up to 32 external interrupt sources
  • System clock controller supporting
    • Phase Locked Loops (PLL)
    • external clock generator
    • on-chip clock oscillator
  • DoCD™ on-chip debug unit
    • Processor execution control
      • Run, Halt
      • Step into instruction
      • Skip instruction
    • Read-write all processor contents
      • System Space
      • Program Memory Space
      • Data Memory Space
      • Peripherals Space
    • Code execution breakpoints
      • up to eight real-time PC breakpoints
      • unlimited number of real-time OPCODE breakpoints
    • Hardware execution watchpoints at
      • Data Memory Space
      • Program Memory Space
      • Peripherals Space
      • System Space
    • Hardware watchpoints activated at a certain
      • address by any write into any Space
      • address by any read from Space
      • address by write into space a required data
      • address by read from space a required data
    • Hardware watchpoint windows activated at a certain
      • Start/stop address by any write into any Space
      • Start/stop address by any read from Space
      • Start/stop address by write into space a required data
      • Start/stop address by read from space a required data
    • 2-wire high-speed communication interface
  • Ultimate dense code
  • Great variety of peripherals
  • AHB-Lite interface ready
  • Rapid & easy development with ready to use tools
  • Customization friendly with GUI
  • Patent pending architecture
  • Royalty-free


IDE Debugger

Digital Core Design offers solutions tailored to your needs. That’s why our deeply embedded and royalty-free 32-bit CPU, the D32PRO, goes in hand with Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This powerful tool offers one-click access to everything you need to complete your project.

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IDE Debugger

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