Join to our team and improve your design skills. IP Core implementations have never been easier before. Thanks to the D68XX DoCD™ you get a complete debugging system, dedicated for DCD’s Motorola compatible D68XX Microprocessors and Microcontroller IP Cores. The system supports all 68XX Cores offered by DCD. The D68XX DoCD™ provides real-time and non-intrusive debugging capability, enabling pre-silicon validation and post-silicon, on-chip software debugging. The system consist of three major blocks:

  • Debug IP Core
  • Hardware Assisted Debugger
  • Debug Software

The DoCD™ allows hardware breakpoints, trace, variables watch, multi C sources debugging. The D68XX DoCD™ Debug Software can work as a hardware debugger, as well as software simulator – some tasks can be validated at software simulation level and after this step, you can continue real-time debugging by uploading the code into silicon.

As a D68XX DoCD™ user, you can use your favorite C compilers or assemblers for software development – it supports most of High Level Object files produced by C/ASM compiler tools:

  • S19 HEX files
  • INTEL HEX files
  • ELF/DWARF 2.0.0.

Go beyond the limits

System-on-Chip designs are facing the problem of inaccessibility of important control and bus signals, because they often lay behind the physical pins of the device – that makes traditional measurement instrumentation useless. The best way to get around those limitations is to use on-chip debugging tools for the tasks verification and software debugging. Other advantage of an on-chip debugger is the improved design productivity in integrated environment with graphical user interface. The ability to display/modify memories’ content, processor’s and peripherals’ register windows, along with information tracing and ability to see the related C/ASM source code, are the key elements that help to improve the design process and thereby, to increase productivity.


Perfect service for free

The reason for development of the DoCD™ was to provide our customers with the ability of easy system verification and software debugging, at no additional charges. Therefore, we have decided to add the complete debug system to each D68XX IP Core – for free. Now DCD’s customers have the exceptional possibility to obtain the complete solution for making their own D68XX based SoC, with the ability to pre-silicon validation and post-silicon software debugging at one place. It’s really an unusual opportunity for the designer to have the ability to get a high quality IP Core and unique on-chip debugging tool from the same supplier.


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Key features

  • Supports most of High Level Object
  • S19, INTEL HEX files, ELF/DWARF 2.0.0, IAR UBROF
  • Hardware debugger & software simulator
  • Real time & non-intrusive
  • Hardware & software development tools
  • Flexible & easy to use
  • Highly integrated & cost-effective
  • All-in-one development solution
  • Software & hardware breakpoints
  • Mixed mode breakpoints
  • Scaled solution