Safety & security meet the best size/performance ratio… ECC verification IP Core!

Our ECC IP Core represents a cutting-edge solution that brings the power of elliptic curve cryptography to your systems. Designed with versatility and performance in mind, this IP Core supports a range of essential algorithms, including point multiplication, ECDSA signature generation, and ECDSA signature verification. With the ability to perform point multiplication, our ECC IP Core enables efficient and secure elliptic curve operations. Point multiplication is a fundamental operation in elliptic curve cryptography, allowing for scalar multiplication of a point on the curve. This operation forms the basis for various cryptographic protocols, including key generation, key agreement, and digital signatures.

In addition to point multiplication, our ECC IP Core facilitates ECDSA signature generation. ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) is a widely adopted digital signature scheme that provides robust authentication and data integrity. By leveraging the computational strength of elliptic curves, our IP Core enables rapid and reliable generation of ECDSA signatures, empowering secure digital transactions and communications.

Furthermore, our ECC IP Core includes support for ECDSA signature verification. This capability allows for the efficient verification of ECDSA signatures, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of digital data. By employing optimized elliptic curve computations, our IP Core enables fast and accurate verification, essential for establishing trust and preventing fraudulent activities.

With our ECC IP Core integrated into your systems, you gain a versatile and high-performance solution for elliptic curve cryptography. Its comprehensive support for point multiplication, ECDSA signature generation, and ECDSA signature verification empowers you to implement robust cryptographic protocols, secure digital transactions, and protect sensitive data with ease. Experience the power and efficiency of elliptic curve cryptography through our advanced ECC IP Core.

  • Supported algorithms:
    • Point multiplication
    • ECDSA signature generation
    • ECDSA signature verification


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Key features

  • Supported algorithms:
    • Point multiplication
    • ECDSA signature generation
    • ECDSA signature verification

  • Supported Elliptic Curves
    • NIST SECP P-256 R1
    • NIST SECP P-384 R1
    • Koblitz SECP P-256 K1
    • Koblitz SECP P-384 K1
    • Brainpool P-256 R1
    • Brainpool P-384 R1
    • Brainpool P-512 R1
    • other/custom curves optional support
  • Optional Side Channel Attacks countermeasures
  • Input/Output EC point verification
  • Fully synthesizable, synchronous design
  • Highly configurable in terms of performance and resource consumption
  • Minimum operation delay at 200 MHz:
    • Point multiplication:
      • EC256: 2.5 ms
      • EC384: 5.0 ms
    • ECDSA signature generation
      • EC256: 2.6 ms
      • EC384: 5.2 ms
    • ECDSA signature verification
      • EC256: 3.1 ms
      • EC384: 6.3 ms
  • Estimated resource usage
    • from 30k to 110k NAND gates

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