ECDSA signature verification engine


Safety & security meet the best size/performance ratio… ECDSA verification IP Core!

In addition to its support for various elliptic curves, CryptOne’s prowess extends to the widely acclaimed Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). ECDSA, based on the principles of elliptic curve cryptography, is a cornerstone of modern cryptographic systems and provides a secure and efficient method for digital signature generation and verification.

CryptOne’s implementation of ECDSA leverages the inherent mathematical properties of elliptic curves to ensure the integrity, authenticity, and non-repudiation of digital data. The algorithm operates by generating a digital signature using the private key associated with an elliptic curve key pair. This signature can then be verified by employing the corresponding public key, thus establishing the authenticity and integrity of the signed data.

Underpinning CryptOne’s ECDSA operations is a suite of robust and optimized algorithms and protocols. These algorithms efficiently perform the necessary mathematical computations involving elliptic curves, resulting in swift and accurate digital signature generation and verification processes. By adhering to the FIPS 186 standard, CryptOne’s ECDSA implementation meets stringent security requirements, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with a wide range of cryptographic systems.

Furthermore, CryptOne’s IP core architecture plays a crucial role in optimizing ECDSA performance. Its scalable design allows for the efficient execution of ECDSA operations, enabling high-speed processing while maintaining a minimal silicon footprint. This unique combination of scalability and performance empowers CryptOne to deliver exceptional cryptographic performance, making it an ideal solution for resource-constrained environments where computational efficiency is paramount.

With CryptOne’s advanced ECDSA capabilities, organizations can confidently secure their digital communications, transactions, and sensitive data by leveraging the robustness and efficiency of elliptic curve cryptography. By integrating CryptOne into their cryptographic infrastructure, users can harness the power of ECDSA to ensure the utmost security and trustworthiness of their digital interactions.


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Key features

  • Supported Elliptic Curves
    • NIST SECP P-256 R1
    • NIST SECP P-384 R1
    • Koblitz SECP P-256 K1
    • Koblitz SECP P-384 K1
    • Brainpool P-256 R1
    • Brainpool P-384 R1
    • Brainpool P-512 R1
    • other/custom curves optional support
  • Optional Side Channel Attacks countermeasures
  • Input/Output EC point verification
  • Fully synthesizable, synchronous design
  • Highly configurable in terms of performance and resource consumption
  • Minimum operation delay at 200 MHz:
    • Point multiplication:
      • EC256: 2.5 ms
      • EC384: 5.0 ms
    • ECDSA signature generation
      • EC256: 2.6 ms
      • EC384: 5.2 ms
    • ECDSA signature verification
      • EC256: 3.1 ms
      • EC384: 6.3 ms
  • Estimated resource usage
    • from 30k to 110k NAND gates

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