The USB 2.0 Mass Storage Design Platform is a complete, integrated solution, dedicated to wide range of USB based Mass Storage Devices. You can use it in various applications, like portable flash memory, digital audio player, card reader or digital camera. The complete MS Design Platform includes:

  • DUSB2 peripheral controller designed to support 12 Mb/s “Full Speed” (FS) and 480 Mb/s “High Speed” (HS) serial data transmission rates
  • DP8051XP ultra high performance, speed optimized, fully customizable 8051 8-bit microcontroller with built in DoCD™ debug IP core
  • Mass Storage Devices software stack optimized for DP8051XP 8-bit CPU
  • FPGA board with ready to use, preprogrammed example flash memory device application
  • HAD2 – DoCD™ Hardware Assisted Debugger board
  • DoCD™ Debug Software
  • DoCD™ driver for Keil development software
  • DoCD™ driver for IAR development software

Key features

  • Full compliance with the USB 2.0 specification
  • Full-speed 12 Mbps operation
  • High-speed 480 Mbps operation
  • Supports UTMI Transceiver Macrocell Interface
  • Synchronous RAM interface for FIFOs
  • Suspend and resume power management functions
  • 100% software compatible with industry standard 8051
  • Up to 256 bytes of internal (on-chip) Data Memory
  • Up to 64K bytes of internal (on-chip) or external (off-chip) Program Memory
  • Up to 16M bytes of external (off-chip) Data Memory
  • User programmable Program Memory Wait States solution for wide range of memories speed
  • User programmable External Data Memory Wait States solution for wide range of memories speed
  • Allows operation from a wide range of CPU clock frequencies
  • Fully synthesizable
  • Static synchronous design
  • Positive edge clocking
  • No internal tri-states
  • Lite design, small gate count and fast operation
  • Scan test ready

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