Digital Core Design provides you full support in the IP project development.

We offer our help throughout the whole process – starting from consulting services in choosing the most suitable IP Core, through its designing, application prototyping and technical maintanace.

If time to market is the most important for you, we are the right solution – Digital Core Design can deliver the full package (consisting of the required IP Core, together with hardware and software environments), assuring the shortest design time – just to fit in your tight schedule.

Digital Core Design renders a wide range of services and features, such as:

  • IP Cores design, development and customization,
  • SoC design
  • Design risks
  • FPGA prototyping,
  • Hardware and software environments design,
  • Technical support.

To ensure the highest quality and follow customers' needs, Digital Core Design IP Cores and DoCDTM Debug System are supported by the following, most advanced and popular ASM/C tools:

  • KEIL – Microvision
  • IAR
  • SDCC
  • Tasking
  • HiTech
  • American Raisonance
  • GNU Compilers


Digital Core Design also ensures
advanced technical support
and unique perpetual warranty.

For more details, please contact us.


In Digital Core Design we believe, that the customer satisfaction is the top priority. The extraordinary technical support we offer, distinguishes us from the competition. Unlike other companies, we provide our clients with LIFETIME WARRANTY for the functionality of the core.

Most IP Core providers usually offer 12 months warranty, which can be problematic in rapidly developing world. Since one of our core values is an Innovation, then the “success is a journey, not a destination” slogan – becomes fundamental. Discover our Digital World based on perpetual warranty and comprehensive technical support.

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