The Challenges

1. High efficiency solutions for performance-sensitive application.

IP Solutions

The DP8051 is an ultra-high performance, speed-optimized softcore, of a single-chip 8-bit embedded controller, intended to operate with fast (typically on-chip)...

Size (gates) 7650

Code space 64kB

CPU 15,36

DMIPS 0,14457

Instructions compatibility 8051

The DP80390 is an ultra-high performance, speed optimized, the soft core of a single-chip 8-bit embedded controller, intended to operate...

Size (gates) 8120

Code space 8MB

CPU 15,36

DMIPS 0,14457

Instructions compatibility 8051, 80390

DCD debugger DoCD


  • Pipelined RISC architecture, up to 15.55 times faster than the original 80C51 at the same frequency
  • Up to 14.632 VAX MIPS at 100 MHz
  • 24 times faster multiplication
  • 12 times faster division
  • Easy system verification and  on-chip software debugging
  • Instant technical back up through experienced team of professionals, at each stage of the project implementatio

Myson Century Inc.

Myson Century Inc. was established in 1990. For over two decades, the company has been specializing in design,  development and sales of semiconductors and complete system solutions. Myson’s devices are used in numerous applications in communication and display industries; the 8 bit and 32 bit MCU products serve applications for automotive solutions, for example cluster controllers, parking sensors and CAN ECU controllers, networking-optimized connectivity solutions, such as VoIP, IP phone, and internet access devices. Myson’s video and LCD controllers serve applications for video encoder, video decoder, graphic OSD, and TCON solution. The most recent company’s goal is to overtake the leadership in the fiber optical market.

Digital Core Design is proud to be Myson’s provider for ten years now.

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