The World’s fastest 8051 CPU is about to grace the opening ceremony of CeBIT 2013 in Hannover, Germany. Our IP Core will be one of the four products chosen to be introduced personally to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who will officially open CeBIT 2013 on March 5th. The DQ80251 will represent Polish IT industry and promote Poland as a CeBIT Partner Country 2013.  

The DQ80251 is the World’s fastest 8051 IP Core, engineered by Polish company, Digital Core Design. It’s been loud about this IP Core in the beginning of 2012, when DCD introduced solution, which was more than 50 times faster than the original Intel’s 8051 – At the Polish National Booth we will introduce the same IP Core, but… in the new installment – says Jacek Hanke, CEO at Digital Core Design – our engineers have optimized the performance, which is now more than 66 times faster than the original 8051.
What does that mean? – That our core is capable to run more operations in shorter time while consuming less energy – and this is what the modern electronics is all about – adds Hanke.
The DQ80251 is a quad-pipelined high performance, speed optimized soft core of a 16-bit/32-bit embedded microcontroller. It has been designed with a special concern of performance to power consumption ratio. This ratio is extended by an advanced PMU. There are two working modes of the DQ80251: BINARY (where the original 80C51 compiled code is executed) and SOURCE (a native 80C251 mode, using all DQ80251 performance). The DQ80251 has a built-in, configurable DoCD-JTAG on-chip debugger, supporting Keil DK251 and a standalone DoCD debug software. Dhrystone 2.1 benchmark program runs 65,67 times faster than the original 80C51 and 5.5 times faster, than the original 80C251 at the same frequency. This performance can be also exploited to great advantage in low power applications, where the core can be clocked over fifty times slower than the original implementation, with no performance penalty. Additionally, the compiled code size for the SOURCE mode is about 2 times smaller, comparing to the identical standard 8051 code, due to higher efficiency of DQ80251 instructions.
8051 family seems to be one of the most popular MCU in the history. Every sim card in mobile phones is based on it and it’s being estimated, that even 50% of all USB peripherals and most USB sticks, use an 8051 as their processor as well. Estimated data shows, that even several billion of elec-tronic devices have been based on these popular 8bitters.

More information about the DQ80251: /ipcore/198/dq80251/ 
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