Digital Core Design, the leading IP Core provider and System-on-Chip design house presents its latest DFSPI IP Core for access to NOR and NAND Flash Devices. And if universal NOR & NAND Flash IP is not enough… DCD’s DFSPI IP Core also supports MRAM, pSRAM, DRAM, and EEPROM – combining ease of use with reliability, low power, and speed under all conditions, including automotive, industrial, and other applications.

DFSPI IP Core is a real “combo” between all SPI IP Cores available on the market – it’s an SPI FLASH Controller with Execute in place – XIP (SINGLE, DUAL, QUAD, OCTAL SPI Bus Controller with DDR / DTR support and optional AES Encryption) + NOR & NAND Flash Memory Support for all serial memories available on the market.

As an option, the DFSPI controller has built-in support for HyperBusTM specification and xSPI (Expanded Serial Peripheral Interface – JESD251A) specification – explains Jacek Hanke, DCD CEO The same the SPI Controller allows easy communication with all available SPI FLASH memories.

The DFSP IP Core is compatible with the xSPI JESD251 standard, which can be accessed through a standard AXI4 slave interface. It offers backward compatibility with Octal SPI, QSPI, DSPI, and SPI interfaces. Furthermore, it supports the JEDEC SFDP Standard. The IP allows users to quickly access memory from the xSPI device in SPI mode. Alternatively, users can issue a command to switch to a different mode. Additionally, a DMA command can be used to copy memory from the xSPI device to any other location on the bus.

The DFSPI can automatically drive selected by SSCR (Slave Select Control Register) slave select outputs (SS3O – SS0O), and address SPI slave device to exchange serially shifted data. It supports two DMA modes: single transfer and multi-transfer. These modes allow DFSPI to interface with higher-performance DMA units, which can interleave their transfers between CPU cycles or execute multiple byte transfers. DFSPI is fully customizable, delivering it in the exact configuration that meets users’ requirements.

DCD SPI cores, are part of our growing peripheral family that also includes protocols such as I3C and IR. These cores have been successfully implemented in Embedded Microprocessor Boards, Consumer and Professional Audio/Video, Home and Automotive Radio, Low-power Mobile Applications, Communication Systems, and Digital Multimeters.

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