The DF6808 is an advanced, 8-bit, MCU IP Core with highly sophisticated, on-chip peripheral capabilities. The DF6808 soft core is binary-compatible with the industry standard Motorola 68HC08 8-bit microcontroller. It can achieve a performance of 45 – 100 million instructions per second. The DF6808 has a FAST architecture that is 3.2 times faster compared to the original implementation. In the standard configuration, the core has major peripheral functions integrated on-chip. The DF6808 Microcontroller Core contains a full-duplex UART – Asynchronous Serial Communication Interface (SCI) and Synchronous Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). The main 16-bit, free-running timer system has two input capture lines and two output-compare lines. Self-monitoring circuitry is included on-chip, to protect against system errors. The Computer Operating Properly (COP) watchdog system protects against software failures. An illegal opcode detection circuit provides a non-maskable interrupt if an illegal opcode is detected. Two software-controlled power-saving modes – WAIT and STOP are available to preserve additional power. These modes make the DF6808 IP Core especially attractive for automotive and battery-driven applications. The DF6808 is fully customizable – it is delivered in the exact configuration to meet your requirements. There is no need to pay extra for unused features and wasted silicon. It includes a fully automated test bench with a complete set of tests, allowing easy package validation, at each stage of the SoC design flow. Each DCD’s DF68XX Core has built-in support for a proprietary Hardware Debug System called DoCD™. It’s a real-time hardware debugger that provides debugging capability of a whole System-on-Chip (SoC). Unlike the other on-chip debuggers the DoCD™ enables non-intrusive debugging of a running application. It can halt, run, step into or skip an instruction, and read/write any contents of the microcontroller, including all registers, and SFRs, including user-defined peripherals, data, and program memories.


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Key features

  • FAST architecture – 3.2 times faster than the original implementation
  • Software compatible with 68HC08 industry standard
  • Configurable Harvard or Von Neumann architectures
  • 11 times faster multiplication
  • 64 bytes of System Function Registers space (SFRs)
  • Up to 64K bytes of Data Memory
  • Up to 64K bytes of Code Memory
  • De-multiplexed Address/Data Bus to allow easy memory connection
  • Two power saving modes: STOP, WAIT
  • Ready pin allows Core to operate with slow program and data memories.
  • Fully synthesizable
  • Static synchronous design
  • No internal reset generator or gated clock
  • Positive edge clocking and no internal tri-states
  • Scan test ready
  • 800 MHz of virtual clock frequency compared to original implementation
  • USB, Ethernet, I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN, HDLC, Smart Card interfaces available
IP Core Architecture type Memory space DoCD UART (SCI) SPI M/S IO Ports Watchdog Timer Timer Compare / Capture Pulse accumulator READY pin Chip Selects Gatecount
DF6808 fast 64k 4 1 2/2 - 8300
DF6805 fast 64k 4 1 2/2 - 7000
D6802 legacy 64k - - - - -
D6803 legacy 64k 4 1 + - 6000
DF6802 fast fast - - - - -
DF6803 fast 64k 4 1 + - -
DF6811F fast 64k 7 1 5/4 - 14000
DF6811E fast 64k 5 1 5/4 - 12000
DF6811K fast 1M 10 3 13/6 - 21000
D68HC11E legacy 64k 5 1 5/4 - 13000
D68HC11F legacy 64k 7 1 5/4 4 13500
D68HC11K legacy 1M 10 3 13/6 4 21000


DoCD Debugger

Power of Innovation is our primary target. That’s why our R&D focuses on every single IP Core detail. As a result of that concern, some unique solutions were born. One of them is the D68XX on-Chip Debugger (DoCD™), which is a complete debugging system dedicated for all 68XX Cores offered by DCD.

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DoCD Debugger

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